Brand concept

Made in France with a rare luxury sourcing, Françoise offers a durable design.
These unique, emotional pieces share a passion for singular allure, fashion heritage and local craftsmanship.
Made exclusively from dead stock fabrics from the greatest Parisian Maisons de couture and exceptional vintage accessories.
At a time when the world is questioning the role of luxury and consumption, Françoise is anchored in a traditional industry and expresses herself apart from the frenetic cycle of fashion
with attention to detail, materials and craftsmanship.

Unconventional, elegant and uncomplicated, Françoise has fun mixing references and blurring the lines. She handles and accumulates genres and eras with lightness.
Her wardrobe is embellished with satin, lurex, cotton, velvet and cashmere. She likes what is soft, but also what is shiny. Françoise is selfish, she dresses for herself and only for herself. Sensual and carnal, her skin loves the embrace of beautiful materials. Playful, it leaves a clavicle bare, it honours a wrist, an ankle.
She likes to hide what she wants us to guess and show what we cannot imagine.
Françoise’s style is a woman of unstudied elegance.