Françoise x Marangoni

Johanna senyk has more than one trick up her sleeve, she is the queen of beautiful materials.
Her latest project through her label Françoise was born during the first confinement when the situation limited her creative process and made it difficult to buy fabrics or clothes.
The young woman decided to feed off this frustration to propose to the students of Marangoni to create silhouettes from the pieces they had at home, this solidarity project was an obvious choice with an essential commitment. Its objective is simple: to make these fashion apprentices aware of local know-how and recycling.
The result is there, she diverts and reappropriates with what she finds. Here, in this exclusive collection, the students have managed to confront colors, volumes and materials to create unexpected associations. The looks are colorful, joyful, festive. Everything you need.

All the profits from this project will be donated to the association “le palais de la femme” which came to the aid of women and children during the confinement.